Frugal Alert: News & Coupons for the Geeks Among Us

September 27, 2012


Has anyone noticed that a lot of the Star Trek and Doctor Who fans are… well, to put it lightly… older people? Like, my age and up? I have a new name for those of us older tecchies — Geezer Geeks. How’s that, huh? You like? :mrgreen:

So how many of you like science and technology? I really don’t know…. Some of you guys seem geek-challenged, LOL, but maybe it’s because you don’t talk about science stuff much.

Well, here ya go – check this out: Science and Technology News 2012. That’ll give you a healthy dose of science and other geek-related topics. Some of the articles are very good and relevant to our lives. Scientists have recently discovered a biomarker for skin cancer. There’s a new image of the lovely seagull nebula. And scientists are developing tiny nano-robots that, injected into the body, could target specific cancer-stricken cells for repair. Some of the news does border on the creepy but if you want a goo idea of what’s going on in the science world, check it out.

The website also has little Geek Alerts bonuses: they list coupon codes for saving the bucks. Not exactly scientific — unless you’re sending your local brain surgeon a bouquet with a ProFlowers coupon code or perhaps you want to get your neighborly rocket scientists an iPad from or something… yep, there are coupons for everything. NewEgg is one of my favorite stores as is BestBuy, so the coupons are worth checking out.


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