Frugal Alert: Recycle and Resell Your Gadgets

July 13, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of uSell for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Honestly, I never thought I’d get to the place where I had TOO many gadgets. But I think I do. I dislike the online auction sites because of all their outrageously high fees, so all the stuff just sits on my shelves and in the file cabinet and all over the house…. taking up space. I’ve had intentions of selling them (lots of stuff is still in exceptionally good condition), but I loathed the thought of listing them at the auction site and paying those high fees. No thanks. And those “buy back” programs from the retail stores are a RIP OFF. Don’t ever fall for those! The retail store will give you only a teeny-tiny percentage of the value of the gadget, believe me. You’ll be lucky if you break even.

Ah, but now there’s uSell! Cash for Your Cell Phones and Electronics! This is a new site (well, new to me) that allows you to list your gadgets, cell phones and other electronics. I like it because 1.) it’s limited to electronics so you won’t have to hash through old shoes, clothes, collectibles and dolls to find good gadgets, and 2.) uSell includes the top buyers of gadgets in their roster, so you know you’ll be getting bids from interested buyers.

Here’s the scoop on uSell:

  • Search the site for your gadget or phone to see what the going price is on the item.
  • Select the best offer coming your way.
  • Send your device to uSell, and get paid.
  • uSell has something called a “Max Cash Guarantee” that promises to get you the best offer on your gadget, or uSell will PAY YOU the difference.
  • uSell has been mentioned by the Wall Street Journal, FOX, CBS, and the Chicago Tribune.
  • Selling your old gadgets is WAY better than filling the landfills and much better than suffering through those online auction sites (IMHO).

Check it out if you have something to sell. You really don’t have anything to lose! I checked out the value of my iPhone, and a buyer would take it for $350! Wooo!

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