Frugal Alert: Zany for Zenni

May 5, 2011


AI CHI HUA HUA! Have you been to an optician lately?? The cost of eyeglasses is absolutely through the roof! Tears stung my eyes when I saw the price tags. How can they charge SO MUCH for eyeglasses. Do you have any idea how cheap it is to make them? Like, $25 or so. The stores mark the prices up ten times more. I think the health insurance companies are causing prices to rise. I mean, there’s all that administrative paperwork, and then there’s the fact that — gee– if all optical departments are charging $250 for eyeglasses, the insurance companies have no choice but to pay.

Did you know that there’s a better way? Yep, you can get inexpensive prescription eyeglasses or even sunglasses at Zenni Optical. They’re in the news all the time, because Zenni offers glasses at prices so low it gets media attention. That, an bloggers have been mentioning them so much that the media HAS to listen. šŸ˜€ Score another for the pajamahadeen. :grinny:

Anyway, Zenni was reviewed by another columnist (this time, at the Journal News). Zenni cuts out the middle man, high shipping charges and other costs. This enables Zenni to offer eyeglasses very inexpensively. In order to get glasses from Zenni, you will need the details of your prescription, available from your eye doctor.

If you’ve been wondering about how to save some money, Zenni has some answers. Inexpensive answers! šŸ˜€


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