Frugal is Cool

June 29, 2009

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I saw this news story in the Washington Post, about frugal being the new “in.” As happy as I am about the new popularity for conserving stuff and living more efficiently and frugally, I have to giggle at the examples the journalist uses, proving beyond a shadow if a doubt that THIS is REALLY dirt-down, bare-bones frugal living.

In these recessionary times, people like Seigrid Walker are no longer concerned about keeping up with the Joneses. Now the goal is to fall far behind them.

The 33-year-old lawyer from Mitchellville once regaled her friends with tales of shopping sprees at Nordstrom and circulated photos of Caribbean vacations with her husband. Now she tells her girlfriends about staying home for pizza night with the kids. (They watch “Madagascar.” Over and over again.)

…The recession has changed the conversation in America. As the era of conspicuous consumption fades along with our 401(k)s, people are clamoring for caps on executive pay and recoiling at the idea of bosses cavorting at expensive spas. At play dates and happy hours, friends are swapping recipes instead of making restaurant reservations. Teenagers are skipping flashy block-long limos and showing up to prom in minivans. Coupons has become a more popular search term than Britney Spears on Google.

Gosh, they’re almost country hicks, aren’t they?!

Prom dates in minivans instead of limos?? (HOW much do prom dresses cost?! Freaky Frugalite says SKIP the prom, buy a month’s worth of groceries with the $$ saved). No expensive spas, just Kettlebell videos now? (Which actually, isn’t too bad).

…That change was in painful evidence yesterday when luxury retailer Saks reported May sales were down nearly 27 percent from a year ago and Nordstrom said its fell 13 percent. Abercrombie and Fitch, which has been reluctant to lower prices, was down 28 percent. Overall, sales fell 4.6 percent at U.S. chain stores, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Tut, tut, Saks sales are down! And Nordstrom! We really ARE in a recession, aren’t we? šŸ˜‰


2 Responses to “Frugal is Cool”

  1. Meghann Says:

    *Gasp* you mean, they all can’t afford 8 pairs of Manolos? I can only afford to look at the adverts, lol and it’s always been that way. Know what? I like it! I appreciate everything much more for having to work harder to get it – even if it’s only a Vogue magazine and not a front row seat at Fashion week šŸ˜€