Funnies Around the Interwebz #14

February 27, 2012


Once again, I’ve scoured the Internet to find the best of the best in clean, humorous images! Join me for a little chuckle.

I LOVE this. Gotta get one of these sometime, heh heh. NOT that I would EVER use it in such a way, of course not how can you possibly think that?!

He does make my skin crawl. But I think that’s due more to he sounds like a cross between Miss Piggy and Jeanne Dixon.

HAHA, true!

I know a guy like this.

Nothing like a friend to test your maxims…


I had to shrink this to fit it in this post. If you can’t read the text, click the image to go to a larger shot. HAHA, true!

Somebody’s got a sense of humor… and it probably isn’t the kid…

It’s the SAME OLD story, I tell ya.


Thanks for laughing with me. More to come!


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