Funny Money

December 4, 2008

Fun, Homeschool

I found a cool website, all about origami. It’s no usual kind of origami! It’s origami with the American dollar. (We may as well get used to playing with our dollar, fellow Americans, because before long it won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on).

This is my favorite. It’s a little gift box. You can put something truly valuable in it, like a gold nugget or gold coin (IF the Federal Reserve will let you, that is).

There are loads more ideas. This would be a cute way to entertain the kids who visit for the holidays, don’t you think? Or would be nice as an art/craft project for homeschool. You can make a shirt:

Boots to go with the shirt:

And all these nifty origami pieces:

There’s a nice site with origami instructions at Photos courtesy of those same sites.

4 Responses to “Funny Money”

  1. RE Ausetkmt Says:

    Cute Origami.

    you left out the 911 bills.
    but then again, those might be a bit more adult

  2. akaGaGa Says:

    Hurray! My brother used to make me the dollar rings when I was a kid. I say “rings” because eventually temptation would win out, and I’d unfold it and spend it – so then I’d ask him to make me another one. Now I can make my own!

  3. feefifoto Says:

    I had a five dollar ring in jr. high. I wore it until the folds began to crack; then I opened it and spent it.