Get in Shape Now!

September 25, 2008


That’s what my physical therapist told me. 😀 My orthopedist says that I still have great strength despite my herniated disk, but I do still need to exercise and continue to strengthen my abdominal muscles. Because I was laid up for so long, I had to cancel my gym membership. I really hated to do it. So now I am looking for a good home-based exercise program. Here’s something I have seen: XFLOWSION. It’s creator is Eric Paskel, a celebrity trainer and fitness guru. XFLOWSION sounds cool because it combines martial arts and dance, among other moves, combining three full workouts in one. Your body is constantly in motion with all these various moves. I just love multi-tasking. 😀

I used to do aerobics in dance class as a young drama student– LOVED IT. This kind of exercise, done for a few minutes a day, burns that fat and beefs up the muscle tone. Paskel also promises that with the XFLOWSION, you’ll never get bored. That’s a very important aspect of any fitness training or exercise program, isn’t it, ladies?

XFLOWSION looks really cool. I know I’ll never look like a Hollywood celebrity, but being in shape and having strong abdominals is enough for me. If you’re looking for a new fitness program for fun or to feel great, check it out!


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