Get Organized! Try Springpad

December 11, 2009


So, are you going batty yet? I mean, from all the gadzillions of things you have to do and keep track of? There is just TOO much to organize and take care of these days. I thought things would slow down once the kids got older, but egads– with a home job, the kids’ bookwork, the appointments, the meetings, the house renovations.. not to mention the cooking and cleaning! Oh yeah, and I do need to take a shower from time to time, and go to bed every once in a while! :egads:

Well, there’s a little holiday blessing I have to give you, my dear friend: Springpad. Have you heard of it? I started an account there. It is an online… well, it’s an online EVERYTHING. It’s a personal organizer, at it’s most basic. But there’s a lot more to Springpad. Think of it as a book– a BIG book— where you could keep everything: recipes, favorite restaurants, a personal calendar, your budget planner, your party planner, gift lists and ideas, to do lists, travel plans and ideas, and more. The book would be very large, wouldn’t it? Well, this is where Springpad comes in. It stores all that, and more. It also allows you to integrate it all (whatever you choose) with Facebook, Twitter, via email…. AND you can access it anytime: through your computer browser, via mobile phone, and via text message alerts.

Oh, and did I mention Springpad is free to join?

Springpad is a great app for travelers (you can search restaurants!) as well as very busy people who need to organize their lives.

Wasting time and wasting efficiency is wasting money. Get organized! It’s the frugal thing to do. And it makes this time of year so much easier to relax and enjoy. Springpad is cool, it’s classy, it’s very organized and it’s free! See the website for more details.


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