Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Foods, Even When…

September 23, 2009


… even when there is junk food all around.

Well, this is the time of year– stores are PACKED with junk, the peer pressure is on for kids to “do Halloween” and incorporate the word “cavities” into their vocabulary. As a kid, I had a real sweet tooth… and lost a couple of them because of it. :S The pressure is definitely there even though it’s still September– I was assaulted with tons of displays of candy, chocolates, and chips the last time I went grocery shopping. (And I bought bananas and apples, I’ll have you know!) 😉

Moms know that getting the kids to eat healthy foods can be a little trying, especially in a culture that idolizes sweets and junk foods, and has an entire day devoted to killing teeth enamel. I never liked Halloween, because it is historically a day set aside for devil-worship, and because in modern times it encourages kids to be mischievous rugrats who eat more sugar in one day than the whole year…

Well, there’s one interesting and new website that is turning the whole candy-eating deal on its head. They’re calling it Trick Or Treat Me and the intention is to get children interested in more nutritious choices– not only for this time of year, but all year around. The website has information and articles on healthy living, on satisfying picky eaters, on ideas for holidays that encourage healthy eating, and more. I love the creative ideas on lunches for kids and coupons for Hershey’s and Organic Valley single-pack milk! And there is some great advice from Robin Miller of the Food Network, too. So if you are having a problem with a picky eater or with kids who are addicted to junk, you may want to take a peek. You can also check them out at Facebook and at Trick Or Treat Me on Twitter for some activities and tips. And as if all this wasn’t enough– there’s also a way to donate to the World Wildlife Fund! For each click on Twitter, TetraPak will donate 10.4 cents to the WWF. So yummy yummy– eat those Lima Beans, kids! 😉


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