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July 31, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

After I posted my article about the the TracFone cell phone plan, I was rather surprised at all the enthusiastic responses! It makes me wonder if the no contract phones are putting a dent in those major contract phone companies…. they certainly seem very popular.

I like TracFone for the kids. The plans are nice, I like the pay-as-you-go thing, and it’s good for my kids who are not “big” users of cell phones. It’s good for texting and when you occassionally call a friend. But what about people who use the cell phones a lot, like me? I do a lot of texting and, since we ditched our landline, I do all my calls through a cell phone now. TracFone is too small, too simple.

A couple of you mentioned the Straight Talk phone- and it looks like a really great plan with everything you need! It’s another “no contract, pay as you go” kind of phone plan, but it’s a little beefier than the TracFone plans and a LOT less costly than the contract phones. I saw this video and was very impressed with the service.

The phones are very nice– Straight Talk has app phones, qwerty phones, slider phones, etc. Phones include cameras, mp3 players, Bluetooth, video cam, voice navigation, the whole gamut. The plans are INCREDIBLE, no wonder people are falling for them hook, line and sinker. There are currently two types of simple plans:

1. $45 a month plan includes UNLIMITED talk, texting, mobile web. 411 calls are free.

2. $30 a month plan includes 1,000 talk minutes, 1,000 texts, 30MB mobile web. 411 calls are free.

According to Clark Howard quoting a Nielsen Mobile study, most cell phone users use approximately 790 minutes per month, and may an average bill of about $67. I use a lot fewer minutes but pay more for them. :-p I’m going to check out the phones and, if I like them, switch over as soon as my cell phone contract expires. I dislike the draconian regulations and “background” checks by the major carriers, too. It kinda rankles my libertarian sensibilities.

Straight Talk looks very cool! There are no activation or termination fees, no overage charges, nothing. Everything is up front, simple and no sneaky like some of the *cough cough* certain other cell phone contract companies.

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