Give Your Region a Little Boost

August 14, 2010


I am tinkering more with Twitter these days. I recently discovered that, with Tweetdeck, I can follow people who tweet a certain word or phrase. This is totally cool! So I monitor people who tweet about my local area. It’s been quite an eye-opener- I’ve widened my Twitter friends to include a whole bunch of new people from Upstate New York, and, in particular, in my region. Pretty neat! I am learning more about the places and events that are going on in my area that I would never hear about from the local media (such as a fireworks display at a certain park, or an all-day discount on dinners at a local restaurant). I’ve made new friends and discovered new places, all thanks to social networking. And as a pro-blogger, I’m also making a few connections with local businesses. I recently landed a sweet deal with a local hotel chain– they advertise on my travel blog! And I’m hoping to broaden my range for the other blogs, too. I’m really liking this aspect of local marketing.

Moreover, there’s something new to come down the pike- WeRewards. It’s a blend of geo-caching, social networking, and earning money online. It’s actually pretty amazing. All you do is go to a local merchant, do a task or snap a photo (say, of you eating lunch at the local Al’s Diner), submit the task to WeRewards on your iPhone, and you’ve got money.

Fox News did a blurb about it recently. They did a great job of explaining how WeRewards works.

It’s ingenious, isn’t it? The only downside for me is that you need an iPhone (and I don’t have one…. yet). Although, if I went out and about enough with WeRewards, the iPhone would probably pay for itself after a few months.

Anyway, this is the new concept of local marketing. What do you think? Would you do this?

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One Response to “Give Your Region a Little Boost”

  1. Connie Says:

    Pretty cool that they are doing this. I am not local though, so not worth it to me… although I do have a lot of US brand fast food places around here, and of course, the obligatory Starbucks ;D