God Shopping

July 24, 2008


I heard this skit on the radio years ago. Something made me remember it recently.

(sound of a busy street and a door opening and closing)

Bob: Hello! Are you here looking for a new religion?

Jay: Yeah. I’m looking for something that covers the “spiritual side” of me.

Bob: I see. Let me look and see what I have here. Hmm. Oh, do you want this?

Jay: Um, no, that is not what I am looking for. Too restrictive.

Bob: All right. How about this? This looks very nice on you!

Jay: I don’t quite like it; it feels a little… uncomfortable.

Bob: OK, well, I am sure we have something here that will fit. How about this one? Or how about this? Oo, THIS is popular in the movies these days! How about this?

Jay: Nah… nahh.. nah…

Bob: Oh, wait! I know just the thing that you’re looking for! (holds something up)

Jay: AH! This is PERFECT!

Bob: (claps hand) I knew it!

Jay: I feel comfortable worshipping THIS god! Wow!

Bob: Wonderful!

Jay: This is a god I can trust! What style! I’ll take it!

Bob: All right! (sound of cash register) Glad to help! That will be $30 for the frame and $10 for the mirror.

Haha! Isn’t that so true! The tendency for us humans is to find a “god” that feels good to us, but how rare it is that people throw away their discomfort or rev up their curiosity to seek the honest truth, even as uncomfortable as that may be. I’ve been reading Josh McDowell’s “The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict.” It’s a huge book, but it’s very readable, and very challenging! I’ve been studying stuff like this for a long time, and like Alexander Hamilton, I can say that “I have examined carefully the evidence of the Christian religion; and, if I was sitting as juror upon its authenticity, I should unhesitatingly give my verdict in its favor. I have studied it, and I can prove its truth as clearly as any proposition ever submitted to the mind of man.” I think that’s a pretty bold statement. 😀

I think this skit is taken (or loosely derived) from one at LifeLine Productions. The kids and I used to hear their skits all the time on the radio– LOL!

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