Going to the Chapel?

November 27, 2009


It was only 21 years ago now that I got my engagement ring. Actually, I think I got it 21 years ago today, or maybe a few days ago! I cannot believe how quickly time flies.

I can’t wear my engagement ring anymore, because one of the small brackets holding the diamond broke off. 🙁 It would have helped if we had the Internet back then- I could have done a little research into a better design for the ring, plus found some MUCH better deals than what we shelled out for our rings.

With that said, if you are looking into engagement rings, especially custom engagement rings, why don’t you look up Engage Diamond Studio. The website is nice. It doesn’t pummel you with ads and “Want to Chat” pop ups (boy, I hate those). It’s readable, and it presents you with ideas, information, and ways to get good prices and beautiful custom designs. It’s low-key, which is very nice. They have a whole section of the website devoted to “Education” about rings and diamonds and the beautiful options and properties of gems. And EDS has a staff of expert consultants who can help you through any decision. It’s a nice site, definitely one to bookmark of you want to learn more.

Remember, I’m a pro-blogger and I am sometimes compensated with stuff or money to review or mention products or services! This was one of them. 😀 You can read more about my blog policy on my My Pledge page.

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