Good Coupon Site

June 24, 2010


Remember the lesson from Mrs Mecomber, girls and boys: NEVER buy anything online without first looking for promo codes and online coupons! I have saved a TON of money in so doing. I do a lot of online shopping (probably 70% of all my shopping is done online), so I am always looking for more and better coupon sites. The grocery coupons are rather difficult to find, I think. But here’s a cool website that offers them! Nice thing is, you don’t have to save money *only* online, either. offers printable grocery coupons, save-to-store coupons (to save on your store loyalty cards, etc), and online grocery coupons. And they also have Hanaford grocery store coupons, something I’ve been searching for! Check them out. Looks like a great website.

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