Good Deal For School/College Kids

September 15, 2010


I know some of you guys have kids who have just started school and college. Heads up on a beautiful Ben Sherman canvas messenger bag! This particular bag from comes in some nice colors: brown, gray, olive, black, etc. It’s beautiful! It will hold books or laptops or whatever, and has some small pockets to hold assorted little stuff, too.

I love it, and may just get a few for some of us. It’s only $35 at right now– on sale at the lowest price anywhere.

I have become disgruntled with the backpacks that the kids use. When I was a kid, we didn’t have backpacks– we carried our books in our arms.I dislike backpacks, especialy for children. And most backpacks are weighed down with TOO much school stuff– this is very bad for the child’s posture, and his developing spinal column (and for older spinal columns, too!). My youngest is always complaining about how heavy his backpack is, and how it hurts his back. :-p So we’re phasing out of the backpacks.

Messenger bags are better. They are also much more versatile (and more mature-looking, in my opinion). I have a very tiny messenger bag that I use for my netbook that I love. These larger messenger bags can serve as a nice, big purse or travel case, too. The interior small pockets are handy. The canvas material is VERY durable– we have a black one that has stood the test of time.

You wont find this any cheaper anywhere else than! I love those guys!

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