Good Night, Sweetheart

May 12, 2012


My friend Chuck lost his beautiful kitty today. Chuck rescued Midnight only about 3 years ago, the same season we got our precious Livvy. Midnight was a barn kitty, the last left of his litter and an orphan. Chuck and his wife Sylvia rescued Midnight and the loving kitty quickly adopted into his new life.

We LOVED reading about Midnight’s escapades and how he and Chuck played together, and ate together and napped together (and napped and napped and napped). Actually, my favorite posts were Chuck’s Midnight Monday posts when he would relay the latest funny event or the latest quiet nap. Plus, Chuck and Sylvia are dear friends. I feel like if I was ever in a big mess, I could call them and they would pray for me. So Midnight’s loss is very hard because my pain not only extends to the loss of a beautiful kitty, but I also share the heartache of my friends’ loss.

This is when I hate the Internet. There’s no way to reach out and hug them, to give them a baby kitten or sit in their kitchen making a cup of tea while we cry together, to comfort them with anything besides electronic words.

Chuck and Sylvia: you are in our prayers. Someday we’ll meet– if not in this world, then in the next one to come. We’ll hug and laugh and our two kitties will run around at our feet together at last.

Maybe you’d go visit Chuck’s blog, Secondary Roads, and give Chuck and Sylvia a virtual hug. We love you guys.

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4 Responses to “Good Night, Sweetheart”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    That picture that you posted is one of my favorites of Midnight. He would do that to us, and we loved it when he did. I feel like you’ve hugged me and you couldn’t have blessed me more than you have by posting this beautiful tribute to my little buddy. I seem to be having computer trouble, the monitor screen is getting blurry. Thanks again. Hugs from Sylvia and me.

  2. Sylvia Says:

    Thanks for your prayers. You don’t have to be in a big mess to call on us. Your words have brought comfort. God bless.

  3. lin Says:

    I was so darn sad when I heard that our little cat friend had died. Oh, I cried–for him, for Chuck, for Sylvia…and for us because we will miss those gentle posts on love and friendship between them all.

    I feel like you do–I wanted to run over there and be with them. I wanted to pick up the kitty at Animal Welfare that my mom (a volunteer there) told me about–an older kitty that is such a doll and that she is worried might be put down. I wanted to just make it all better–which I could not, sadly.

    I called Chuck and Sylvia on Saturday and I think that was sort of a hug. But they wouldn’t let me bring them another kitty to love–something about a son who has allergies and a daughter-in-law who (gasp!) didn’t like kitties. I suggested getting rid of them, but Chuck said it was a “no go”. Hrumph. 🙁 Well….I tried. NOT to replace Midnight, but to help with the healing.

    We are talking of a meet-up this summer–you want to fly in????


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