Good Prices on Printer Ink

March 27, 2011


Ouch, printer ink is SO expensive. I have a couple of ink jet printers, although I’m trying to phase out of them for the more affordable toner ink of laser printers. Still, I like my all-in-one copier/scanner, and will bite the bullet when I need to refill the ink again.

Here’s a little tip on saving some cash on printer ink: I have used them several times. I was even once an affiliate for them, but because New York State now charges taxes on sales made through affiliates, I was disqualified for the program.

But I get all my ink at InkGrabber. They even have Dell printer ink which I heard is very expensive at retail. It’s pretty easy to search the site, just type in “Dell ink cartridges” in the search bar. Or you can search by printer manufacturer or even the ink model number if you know it. InkGrabber also has specials from time to time. Right now, save 10% on orders over $55. I think there are good deals to be had.

Save yourself a little cash on that pricey HP or Dell ink , and check out InkGrabber.


3 Responses to “Good Prices on Printer Ink”

  1. blueyes Says:

    Shame you couldn’t do what I did which was walk out of work with an outdated HP 1100 with 3, count em, 3 toner cartridges. I’m good for like 20 years since I don’t print that much at home lol. The only drawback that I’m still trying to work through is getting it on the network so I can print wirelessly.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I got a Brother HL2170W or something that works wirelessly. I was able to get a few computers connected, but others I couldn’t. It all had to do with that dumb old Windows Network thingy that was trying to force me to dump my XP and Vista for the new fangled Windows 7. Bah. I plugged the printer to the router and bang, we’ve got a network computer.

    Good score on the printer!!!!!!

  3. blueyes Says:

    Ya, that’s what I’m having issues with is putting on the network via the router except I’m having the opposite effect cuz I have windows 7 pcs lol. I think io need to bring out my tablet that’s still on XP to see if I can get it working.