Good Prices on Toys

October 24, 2009


I’ve always been an early gift shopper. We don’t “do” Christmas, but we do “do” Thanksgiving– it’s our biggest holiday of the year. I do buy presents for the kids, but we strive very hard to keep the holiday centered around thanks to God and not gimmegimmegimme presents. I much prefer to get the gift-shopping over and done with very early, so that I can focus on the holiday and the holiday preparations instead of the shopping and giving end of it. Needless to say, I’m almost done 😀 but I have a few small things to look for. And, in case you are looking for deals for your early shopping excursions, you just may want to take a peek at They always have stuff on sale, and they are really going the second mile on electronics and toys these days. My sons are at the age of enjoying Lego and Bionicle sets (my youngest even has his own blog about it!), and are amassing quite the collection! Needless to say, that’s what makes the top of their lists for gifts. (At least they are easy to shop for).

If you have boys, you KNOW how expensive those glorified plastic pieces are. I could get a second mortgage on my home and STILL not be able to afford some of the Star Wars Lego sets… yow. The Lego Bionicle sets are much more affordable, so it follows that they are much more popular around here. 😀 My Big Box stores sell them for WAAY too much, in my opinion, but has them or a good $2-$5 less. AND I don’t have to fight the traffic to shop! also has some really great toys for babies and girls, too. And loads and loads of children’s and baby accessories, like car seats, activity sets, furniture, strollers, puppets, dress up clothes, and more. It’s such a cute department! has a weekly, weekend, and daily sale. It’s worth checking out, especially if you need discount electronics and accessories.

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