GOSH I Love Electronics!

June 24, 2010


OK. Confession time.


My step-dad was an electronics repairman. As a kid, I used to spend countless hours with him in his huge workshop (which was an old one-story house that he converted into a workshop). Yes, there were FIVE rooms in that house, totally devoted to his electronics repair (mostly TVs and stereos), guns and gun repair, and other stuff. I remember when TVs went from the vacuum tube to solid state– my step-dad had to learn a whole new way of fixing stuff. And then the VCR came out, wow! We were the first family to get a VCR and a VCR recording camera. Those babies weighed, what, 25 pounds?? I used to have so much fun making videos!

Anyway, I think I may have absorbed that fascination for electronics. I like to take things apart and see what’s inside. And I love to wire stuff. Since we are renovating the kitchen and dining room, we are installing new electricity in those rooms, plus installing it for the rest of the house. (I am wiring the upstairs bedrooms from the first-floor ceiling, since it’s open). It’s really a fascinating adventure. Plus, we have not had electricity in portions of the house for three years. It will be SO GOOD to have ceiling lights and outlets up there! Yay!

Moreover, I’m wiring for Ethernet in the house. I dislike wireless (I have constant problems with it here, I assume it’s interference with the close neighbors?), plus it’s not as secure as wired connections. So while I have the walls open, I am installing Ethernet cabling. It’s not difficult at all; it’s rather fun. I can put anything I want, anywhere. But now that I have multiple Ethernet stations, I need a larger Ethernet router station. Ahhhh that’s the rub. You can have all the wall jacks you want, but where to plug them in, eh?

Behold, the Ethernet switch!


OK OK it’s a little overkill. *sigh* But isn’t it beautiful?! Doesn’t it just ripple with undulating waves of POWAH!?!?!? :jittery:

It also ripples with undulating waves of money. That system is $650! 😯

So I’m settling for second-best. :mrgreen: Buy.com has a very, very nice Netgear Pro-Safe FS116 Ethernet 10-port switch on sale right now, just $37 and free shipping! 😀 I love Buy.com. What would ordinarily cost me $100 at the Big Box stores can be 1/3 of the price, and delivered to my door, to boot. Plus, Buy.com accepts PayPal, so I don’t have to use the blasted credit card! I love Buy.com!

I’m going to create a small (heheh) control panel in the kitchen that will house the router, switch, wires, etc. It will be SO COOL. I’ll have photos, so stay tuned! 😉

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3 Responses to “GOSH I Love Electronics!”

  1. Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" Says:

    That’s great your step dad taught you so much. I wish I had taken more of an interest in learning how to fix things from my dad.

  2. Karen Says:

    I may have watched my dad work on electrical projects but I never paid much attention to what he was actually doing. I should have!

  3. blueyes Says:

    Wifi can be secured, you just have to set it up that way lol I dare people to try to crack mine. It is 23 characters long for the password alone lol I’m annoyed most times when I have to be tethered to cords which is why I love wifi.