Got ‘pinions?

December 29, 2008


I have lots of ‘pinions, as I say. (opinions). I used to be worried about having sooo many opinions, but not any more, lol. Plus, people sometimes pay me for my opinions now. 😀  I like to review stuff. I love reading reviews myself, actually. I usually never buy anything until I’ve researched it and read some reviews. I used to post a lot of reviews on all those shopping sites, but that got rather tiring. Too many different sites with too many things going on!

Ever hear of Acobay? They are a spanking new consumer social network. This site is so cool! It’s like a melting pot of people, rating and commenting and reviewing and showing photos of all the stuff we use and like (and don’t like). I think it’s very cool.

Acobay is in beta, but it’s pretty easy to join. I didn’t even have to submit my email address. (You create a username and password, and give your location, like your nearest big city). Acobay basically connects you with people who have the same kind of stuff… for example, if Susan in Idaho has the same kind of cell phone as Barbara in Colorado, these two ladies have something in common and can interact with each other. And Acobay has reviews of stuff. This I love. I have a Toshiba laptop, and I can look for the model at Acobay and see who else has one, and who else has written their thoughts about it. Or let’s say I’m looking into getting AT&T cell phone service, I can search for that at Acobay and see what others are saying about it.

Acobay is easy to use, easy to surf, and very informative to read. It’s especially cool because it has people independently reviewing products. I like it a lot.

Social networking is just getting more and more popular, I have to wonder what they’ll be thinking of next…


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