Great Idea for Valentine’s Day

January 13, 2009


Am I unusual? I don’t like chocolates or flowers for Valentine’s Day. Chocolates last forever (on my hips, that is), and flowers die after a few days (especially here in frozen Upstate NY). I prefer stuff that lasts a lifetime or more, like jewelry– nice jewelry. If you need ideas for the upcoming sweetheart holiday, you have got to look at Gemz N before your man orders*another* box of fattening chocolates. Look at this! I fell in love with the blue topaz and green peridot earring set. And it has pearls, my favorite!

Isn’t it absolutely exquisite?! I think it’s a perfect gift to brighten up a drab month like February. Gemz N Gold is selling it at a deep discount for $93.55! Retail price was over $415, so that’s quite a savings. But if you think you might need something a little more within a frugal budget, here are some gorgeous blue topaz fish hook earrings. I just love the blue color. These are only $31.49– nice!! There’s something for every budget at Gemz N Gold. The stuff is truly beautiful. Gemz N Gold prides itself on excellent quality, exceptional customer service, inexpensive shipping, and ALL jewelry is made right here in the United States. Plus, they charge no sales taxes on purchases made outside the state of California. I am NEVER buying jewelry anywhere else but Gemz N Gold. Their stuff is really, really top quality and the prices can’t be beat.

So gals, take a peek and shop around. Drop a hint or two for your sweetheart– he’ll save a bundle of money and you will never gain a pound wearing gorgeous new jewelry! 😉

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