Great Source for Home Safety Supplies

November 11, 2010


I wish I’d seen this website before I spend a ton of money on baby gates for our dogs! I could have saved a ton of money, and gotten higher quality gates.

Oh well, I pass this information on to you in case you need some baby gates, or know someone who does. It’s They have EVERYTHING: pressure gates, stairway gates (which are very nice), extra wide gates, pet gates, etc etc. The list is endless and so are the styles of gates. Some can be very pricey ($100) but others are very affordable. And they have way more than just baby gates– the driveway safety nets are SO cool– make sure your kids never leave the mouth of the driveway near traffic again. They also have very convenient sliding door gates, too. also has tons and tons of other stuff, too: bed rails, fire escape ladders, pool alarms, kitchen cabinet locks, first aid kits, baby monitors, etc. Lots and lots of stuff, all top of the line. The KidCo gates are really nice. I am sick of clambering over my cheapo wooden gates (and the dogs sometimes knock them down). The sliding door gates look like a terrific alternative.

Pass the word on to any mom or dad (or dog owner) who needs some safety supplies or gates. This stuff also makes really nice baby shower gifts. You can learn more about KidSafe on their blog, or follow them on Twitter, YouTube, etc. Nice!

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