Green Eggs And…

April 26, 2010

Freaky, Homeschool

Dr. Seuss was right! There is such a thing as green eggs! And I think Sam I Am was nutso for liking them. Yicko.


That, my dear reader, is a green egg. My son read about an experiment with vinegar and a raw egg, and wanted to try it. The experiment was about OSMOSIS. Can you say OSMOSIS, boys and girls? šŸ™„ Anyway, the raw egg sits in a jar of vinegar for a few days. The shell totally disappears. It’s gross. The vinegar dissolves it into this foamy stuff at the top, and then dissipates into, uh, my kitchen air. :-p

After a few days, he drained the vinegar and add water. The experiment said to add corn syrup to the jar, but I didn’t have any. Se we used food coloring. My son chose green. A nice, slimy color very fitting for this experiment, I think.
So after a few more days, he drained the green water. And we got the egg. We thought it was like a boiled egg, solid all the way through. My son placed the egg on the kitchen counter (see photo above) and attempted to stab it with a knife.

“Wait!” I said.

I placed the egg in a small dish. JUST. IN. CASE.

Hohboy, am I glad I did that! We poked the egg, and >POP<.


That’s even grosser. YUK!

So it wasn’t solid inside. But the jelly stuff inside is green. I guess that’s OSMOSIS. The food coloring passed through the egg’s thin membrane, and affected the liquid around the yolk. Science is so disgusting.


10 Responses to “Green Eggs And…”

  1. The Other Alice Says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! That is sooooooooooooo disgusting. I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them, Sam-I-Am! I would not eat them in a house, I would not eat them with a mouse! I do not like them, Sam-I-Am!

    Wow, still remember it after all these years. šŸ˜‰

  2. Carole Says:

    Gosh, that’s pretty interesting! And weird! Good call on the dish! šŸ˜›

  3. Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents Says:

    Yuk, my kids were never a fan of Dr. Seuss, I wasn’t either! But that certainly is interesting!

    Visiting from TB!

  4. Secondary Roads Says:

    Okay. Green eggs. I’ll give the ham a miss. Now that I look at those pictures, I’ll give green eggs a miss too. An interesting experiment. Maybe that’s why I went into electronics–it’s not as messy as biology.

  5. Vixen Says:

    When the kids were younger I made green eggs. But I just scrambled them with a little food coloring. Your experiment is way cooler. And grosser.

  6. Miss Szymanski Says:

    Hmmm… that is, well, interesting! We used to have that Dr. Seuss book, and I always thought, “Green eggs and ham? Disgusting!” I guess your experiment proves me right! šŸ˜‰

  7. Lin Says:

    That is cool! Kids love stuff like that–that is a very cool experiment.

  8. Babs Says:

    Yuck! It might have looked nicer coloured yellow or orange, but green? I bet it would have looked OK hard boiled though.

  9. Jen Says:

    So…is it still edible?

    • Rebecca Says:

      You guys crack me up! Get it? Crack me up? Hahahahhaa!!!!


      Um, NO. We did not eat the egg. *retch*

      Babs, I should have hard-boiled it, yes! That would have been cool.