Hamilton Beach Brew Station WIN

May 5, 2010


Wow, this is almost turning into a soap opera or series episode. Maybe I can sell the story to Steven Spielberg. :-p

Remember how I wrote that I bought a Hamilton-Beach Brew Station and LOVED it, only to have the tank leak all over my countertops three months later? Well, I want to humbly and graciously thank the commenter hideawayhill for her suggestion to call Hamilton-Beach about the problem. I balked, because I have had some pretty bad experiences with companies, who don’t give a rat’s rear end about me and my disgruntles. But….. I called the company….


:jetters: Holy cow, I am buying Hamilton-Beach for the rest of my life!!!!!!!! This was the conversation I had with one of the most AMAZING people in customer service, EVER.

Hamilton-Beach Customer Service Rep: Hello, my name is Karen, how can I help you?

Rebecca: [expecting to hear Pakistani or Chinese, and very startled at the sound of a sweet Southern drawl] Hi! Um… my name is Rebecca, and I bought the Brew Station at WalMart about three months ago. But my problem is that the tank leaks really bad.

Karen: Oh dear, we can fix that for you.

Rebecca: You… can? I lost the receipt because I’m renovating my house, and…

Karen: What’s the serial number and model number of your Brew Station?

Rebecca: 47665… [etc etc]

Karen: Your address? Phone number? We’ll have it shipped to you immediately, and you should have the new tank in about seven days. Anything else I can help you with?

Rebecca: [who has fainted and is now recovering]… uhh… Do I have to pay for this? Shipping?

Karen: Nothing. You’re all taken care of.

Rebecca: Oh my word. Are you serious?! I have had so many problems with other companies in the past… I’ve been scarred for life. You will replace the tank?! And for free?!

Karen: Hamilton-Beach wants to take care of their customers. We’re consumers, too, you know! We know how important it is to please our customers!

Rebecca: [stammering] But.. but… for free?! Oh my word! You know, I am your customer FOR LIFE!!

Karen: Why thank you! have a great day!

:awe: I think I love this company. People, if you have to choose a company to buy from, make it Hamilton-Beach! Oh my gosh, they are amazing!!!

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2 Responses to “Hamilton Beach Brew Station WIN”

  1. Carole Says:

    WOW! That is AWESOME! Esp the part about a call center with a native English speaker!!! 😛 Glad you are getting your coffee pot fixed – for FREE! Exxxxxcellent!


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