Handbag Heaven

July 2, 2011


I usually don’t carry a handbag with me. You know why? Because I am so fussy that I can never find the right one! I like them lightweight, small, with just a few easy-to-zip open pockets. The only ones I find with those characteristics are purses with Eeyore or Mickey Mouse on them. :-p No thanks.

I’ve relegated myself to carrying a wallet, but in the summer time this is difficult because my shorts don’t always have pockets. So I need a nice handbag. And now that I am older than 8 years old, I’d like a bag without Winnie the Pooh on it, thank you very much.

How about you, are you a handbag hog, or do you prefer your shoulders free of such encumbrances?

Notice the small padlock that secures the bag. Love it!

If you are *into* handbags– especially designer handbags oozing with class and sophistication– you have got to see this page of marc jacobs handbags. Some of those bags there are over $1500, I kid you not. They will last FOREVER. They’d better, lol! And there are others, more affordable (relatively speaking) at $150! The designs are beautiful, though. The Marc by Marc Jacobs line is incredibly classy. The calfskin “garbo” clutch is a wowser. And there are NO Eeyores on any of the handbags! lol

So if you’re looking for an extra-extra special handbag, check out the site. I know you will find some amazing bags!

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