Hanging In There!

July 12, 2014

Dear Diary

Oh, hello. šŸ™‚ I have been thinking about you. I thought I would drop by and say a quick hello before I run off again on other exploits. šŸ™‚

I have been reading your blogs, just not commenting much. I usually read “on the go”: at coffee or lunch breaks, during commutes, or when I lounge on the couch after a day’s work. It’s horribly difficult to leave comments on blogs on the smartphone, especially Google-based blogs. To keep my sanity, I skip it, now. But I still read.

I sometimes think of what to write here, too. Working full-time seems to have drained much of my creative juicing, though. I like to spend my evenings unwinding after a long day, not churning up new stories to tell. But I keep the blogs up in the hopes that i might take the mantle again.

So (speaking to those of you who are still here and curious), what have I been doing besides working? Let’s see!

1. Rearranging the house!

Now that the kids are older and we no longer slave over textbooks, I’ve removed the desks and books and desk paraphernalia. I actually have my living room back!! Although, now with the guys on summer vacay, they want to play music more frequently. SO we ditched our dining room table (gasp!) and converted the dining room into a mini-music room.

2. Trying out some new tools!

I don’t collect shoes. I collect power tools. Oh, baby. I recently got a small, hand-held circular saw that is AMAZING. drillAnd now I am on the lookout for a reliable cordless drill. Look at the price of this baby!

Can you believe that we are STILL finishing up a lot of the loose projects from the 2010 kitchen renovation?! Ugh. The kids have been chipping away at some of them — trim work, mostly. We have yet to complete our window bench and I still have no carpeting in the living room. My new job was going to pay for all that but then the cost of living skyrocketed and inflation has gobbled everything away… sigh….

3. Feeding Livvy.. and other critters…

Yes, Livvy is still her crazy, curious self. She’s on a hunger bout these days but is as skinny as ever. And it seems that the local stray cat population has heard that there’s free food to be found around here. :S I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE PETS. Ugh.

4. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

We’re making life more simple. We’ve got a garden again (not doing too well, but oh well). We are going out less. We are making new friends and learning new things. I’m ditching all the fancy electronics I stocked up on back when I was a freelance writer. I want to get rid of all excess and live simply again. I’ve trimmed down on my blogs and I can now go weeks without sitting at the computer. It’s a good feeling.

So my life is a little duller in some respects, but happier now. The family is once again going through a transition. We are all growing up. It feels good.

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