Happy Thanksgiving: Ode to Joy!

November 26, 2008

Dear Diary

I’m *hoping* I can stay away from the computer for the whooole day! We did all our house cleaning today (OMG, that was exhausting) and tomorrow I’m going to cook a big meal. Thanksgiving is our biggest holiday, when we exchange gifts and give thanks to Jesus Christ for life, for being so good to us, for everything! Have a blessed day to all of you, in America and in the world. šŸ™‚

Here’s a nice short and entertaining video about the American Thanksgiving.

I found this video and thought you’d like it. Beaker the Muppet sings “Ode to Joy.” ROFL

6 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving: Ode to Joy!”

  1. akaGaGa Says:

    Blessings to you and yours, Rebecca. I pray you have a wonderful, grateful day.

  2. Kim Says:

    I LOVE Beeker! That cracked me up. Thanks for the lift.

  3. Jacqueline Says:

    Well, as you can see, I couldn’t stay away…Enjoy your day! šŸ™‚

  4. Fida Abbott Says:

    Happy Blessed Thanksgiving!!!

    FA in PA

  5. anajz Says:

    Love the Muppets! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Jodi Says:

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.