Having Fun With the Kitten

October 30, 2008


Kittens are SO gullible, lol. I sometimes have a difficult time restraining myself from having too much fun with my kitty, Olivia. I don’t want to frustrate her and spoil her sweet temperament. But, boy, she is so funny and such a little tease!

She likes to look out the window but can’t seem to get it through her 2-month old peanut brain that you can’t walk through glass, love. But she insists on trying, again and again. Talk about a hard head, lol!

And she’s so clumsy. Are cats with six toes clumsy or is it just my cat? She teeters, she totters, she comes crashing down and spinning like a striken airplane bomber. By the way, I’d like to dispense with that old wives’ tale that says cats always land on their feet. Er, should I say, Olivia dispenses with it. Stupid gravity. lol. She likes my computer keyboard, too. Maybe I make it look like so much fun? But one of her favorite hobbies is playing keylogger. She’s deleted a few emails with her keyboard trailblazing. So if I haven’t replied back to you, that’s why. sigh.

During one of her funny antics, I managed to grab the camera and shoot a short video. Here she is discovering the wonders of the top section of her new kitty-litter box, complete with flap. She’s too tiny to use this top part of the pan yet (we’re just using the bottom for now), but I’m encouraging her to explore the top of it for the big graduation day. Until then, we are hourly sweeping up mounds of kitty litter all over the floor. She seems to like to toss it around after her toilette.

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4 Responses to “Having Fun With the Kitten”

  1. Daisy the Curly Cat Says:

    She is just the cutest little thing! I almost never fall, but my brother Harley is very clumsy and he is always misjudging things. I do not think he is used to how big he is yet!

  2. Julie N Says:

    Olivia is just adorable and so much fun to watch! It totally made my day watching the video! šŸ™‚

  3. Duni Says:

    How cute!
    Our cat Sammy likes ‘playing’ with the litter, too. He also likes to attack the electric water boiler every once in while!

  4. Lady Banana Says:

    I just got one of those litter boxes with a lid as I was tired of sweeping up the litter, Mabel also loves to dig and flick it all over the place!

    She took to it straight away but I’m not using the flap door, not sure if I will yet.

    Olivia is soo cute šŸ™‚