Healthy As a Horse

May 21, 2012


Even though my husband works at the USPS (part time), he gets NO benefits. None. Zip. You’d think that a government entity — a unionized one at that — would provide something for part-timers, at least. Nope. Full timers, however, make out verrrrry nice. Part of the reason the USPS is having financial problems is because the FT positions have very cushy health insurance perks, sick time, vacation time, and very nice retirement pension plans. The plans are similar to what members of Congress get.

Well, it’s a good thing we’re healthy. Thank the Lord. I’ve never been much for doctors, but as I get older I do need a bit more dental care. And the aches and pains seem to come on a bit more frequently! Most of what we need for good health comes from a healthy diet and good lifestyle decisions, I think. It’s a good thing because I recently read that health care costs have skyrocketed. According to a report by MSNBC News, outpatient visits rose 10 percent in the past YEAR. What the?

I don’t understand why health care is so, so expensive. Oh sure, doctors spend a lot of money on education and need to recoup that. Sure. And big techno machines are expensive to make (even in China) and they use up resources, sure. But take something as simple as an eye exam, a wellness eye exam. That and a pair of glasses can leave you $300 in the hole. What is you have a family of 4 or more? So no wonder people are searching for inexpensive health care coverage. Yow.

What do you think? Have you been affected by the increase in health care costs? Are you changing your lifestyle in any way, to avoid such expenses? The media portrays us as dumb oxen, continuing on in self-destructive lifestyles and swallowing the costs. What do you think?

And have you ever wondered where that phrase “healthy as a horse” came from? :meh:


2 Responses to “Healthy As a Horse”

  1. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I’m sure glad I have health insurance–fighting cancer is quite expensive!

    • Rebecca Says:

      Karen– yow! Yes, I’ll bet that would be expensive! I’m glad you have fully recovered. šŸ™‚