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February 24, 2010


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I love that word “wellness.” Makes me want to go out and eat something green and do 50 push ups. Well, eat something green, anyway. :whistle:

Seriously: we try to eat as natural as possible. I garden all summer long and I’m as strong as an ox, but… I really don’t want to LOOK like an ox, lol. Yeah, I know how it is to put on the pounds over the winter. BOY oh BOY do I know! Sometimes we need a little help– communities are a great way to build accountability as well as friends. So– OK, time to shape up, all of us. Check out this site! It’s an online portal and healthy-living community and it has a TON of information: ways to boost your nutrition; beat the winter blues; help relieve acne; tips for losing weight and exercising; and loads more. It’s pretty impressive. It’s a nice, low-key website, too– no guys in skin-tight shorts with poofy hair screaming at you to bounce up and down for an hour.


Moreover, I have researched online about nutrition and healthy living.. and there’s just SO much stuff out there. Too much. does a great job condensing information, and they do it in smaller, manageable bites (no pun intended!). You can actually digest the information because it’s presented in such an organized, moderate format. It’s a very impressive website. I like it.

Plus, WellnessDaily has news on coupons and ways to save money! Right now there’s a $5 coupon available for Jennie-o Turkey Store products! It’s a frugal and healthy-living fanatic’s dream! They have a Twitter contest going on: sign up to and tweet about the site, and follow on Twitter.

Enter to win $ towards a gym membership & JENNIE-O turkey products. Follow @wellness_daily & RT this!

I don’t think it gets easier than that. You could win a YEAR’s supply of Jennie-O Turkey products, and a 1-year membership at a gym! The contest runs until March 10, so don’t wait on that. Check out the site- it’s free to register. You just may find yourself doing those 50 push ups! 😉
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2 Responses to “Healthy Living Community:”

  1. megscole64 Says:

    WHAT!?! A $5 coupon!?!? That’s crazy awesome.

    Did you notice on my blog that I’m on SocialSpark now? *grin* Hope you got credit because I found them through you!

  2. Kim Says:

    You are hilarious … thank you for making me smile!

    Your comment totally hit home “I garden all summer long and I’m as strong as an ox, but… I really don’t want to LOOK like an ox, lol.”

    I am in the middle of my 10 plus pound winter “chubb-up” and I really NEED to try to focus on wellness for my oxlike looking body.

    I’ll check out wellnessdaily!