Help, I’m Melting, and Other Silly Stuff

June 21, 2012

Dear Diary

We in the Northeast finally got clobbered with the massive heat wave belching up from the west, the one that all you guys were moaning about earlier this week.

Um, yeah. It’s a doozy.

Needless to say, I shut off all the computers yesterday, draped heavy fabric over the windows, turned on the air conditioner, and broke the bank ordering pizza for dinner. We clustered together in the living room, the only cool room in the house. Wowsa.


I upgraded my phone this week, got an iPhone 4s. I was attracted to the very nice camera, and it IS nice. As a travel blogger and reviewer, I am tired of lugging around the huge DSLR camera, the camcorder, the small low-light-capable point-and-shoot, and all the batteries, SD cards, cases and covers. Especially when traveling to New York City, it’s a real pain. This new camera has 8 mega-pixels and 1080 high-def video. So it’s essentially a point-and-shoot camera and camcorder rolled into one! No more carrying around 3 to 4 cameras with all their accessories.

The phone also comes with “Siri,” a voice-activated iPhone robot. I wasn’t too sure about Siri until I started playing around with it last night. Now I like it. I can speak texts to the family (a BIG PLUS when I am driving) and answer business emails without getting carpal tunnel from the tiny keyboard.

Last night during our heat wave we played with Siri’s mind, haha. We asked her questions like “What is your favorite color?” Siri answered, “My favorite color is… Well, I don’t know how to say it in your language. It’s sort of greenish, but with more dimensions.”

:meh: LOL

When I asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Siri answered, “I have very few wants, Rebecca.” :beanie:

Livvy Cat is melting.

She’s too pooped and too hot to meow. When my daughter walked up to her to ask Livvy if she was hot, the cat just made a little whine. LOL. My daughter asked her if she wanted cool water. Whine again. LOL! The conversation went on for a good 30 seconds, with Livvy giving out squeaky little whines to my daughter’s questions. This cat is just too funny.


One of my pals shared this on Facebook. Very cute. Apparently, Robert Louis Stevenson found out that his local politician’s young daughter was unhappy that her birthday fell on Christmas Day. So Stevenson decided to legally give her his birthday (November 13th), since he had “no need of a birthday.” He wrote a letter to the girl’s father explaining the exchange, and included a legal document, penned by himself. I got a kick out of the letter to the father explaining the “legal” document:

Dear Mr Ide,

Herewith please find the DOCUMENT which I trust will prove sufficient in law. It seems to me very attractive in its eclecticism; Scots, English and Roman law phrases are all indifferently introduced and a quotation from the works of Haynes Bayly can hardly fail to attract the indulgence of the Bench.

Yours very truly,

Robert Louis Stevenson


Is it just me who thinks that a man with a mustache looks a little sloppy, but a man with a beard looks quite dapper?


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9 Responses to “Help, I’m Melting, and Other Silly Stuff”

  1. lin Says:

    Our heat wave just broke today–I was dying. But the kitties still enjoyed going outside, believe it or not. Hobbes goes to the back garden and sleeps under the hostas–I think it is still cool under there. We aren’t fond of air conditioning, he and I.

    I’m with you on dragging the camera. I just brought a small camera for my trip to NYC. As much as I missed my good camera, I just knew that I didn’t want to drag it around the whole day. My photos show it though–they just aren’t my good camera. šŸ™ I have no excuse for the expense of an Iphone–although if I had the money, I’d certainly get one!

    • Rebecca Says:

      WOW, it only just ended today?! Oh that is not encouraging news for me, lol.

      I am blessed because I can claim the iPhone for my business, which reduces my tax rate. Cell phone use (as well as travel costs) are 100% deductible! Maybe you can write a sponsored post or two and claim a new phone on your business! :beanie:

      • vanilla Says:

        We got rain last night! Temp this morning is 64 with predicted high of 84. Congratulations on your new equipment; though I’ve no idea why we call such a “phone.” And it is beyond the bounds of my imagination that I would ever have a machine that talks to me. But I am from another world: you know, the twentieth century.

        • Rebecca Says:

          Vanilla- I avoided computers and such beasts as a kid. I didn’t even learn to use an electric sewing machine until I was in my 30s! I even *GASP* still wrote letters to my relative who were also stuck in the 20th century!! But I am enjoying certain aspects of technology, especially the ones that organize my activities.

          Thanks for your comment! By the way, have you ever seen my Spoonerism post? I think of you whenever i re-read it, haha.

  2. blueyes Says:

    Suck it up lol

    My boss would mess with Siri in clinic and ask it all sorts of stupid questions and the responses were just as bad lol

    What’s the font you use for the titles of the threads? :sherlock:

    • Rebecca Says:

      Suck it up!! Haha I’ll remember that when you southerners get clobbered with a snowstorm and freezing temps. :coolshades: *snort*

      Yes, some of Siri’s responses are dumb. She also seems to have an accent, as she cannot understand some of my New England words. She keep interpreting “dull” as “doll” or “dole.” šŸ™„

      I use Rancho, a Google font. I wrote a tutorial on how to use Google fonts on blogs, on blog, if you are interested. My blog theme has an interface that includes it, so it’s very convenient. :sherlock:

      • blueyes Says:

        Bullocks, Google fonts don’t help me as I have a plugin that does my titles, gonna have to find something similar now šŸ˜›

  3. Rena Says:

    I am an old fogie when it comes to cell phones.
    I hate hate hate touch screens. I tried to use
    my friends touch screen phone quite a few times
    and got so aggravated that I said “Get this away
    from me or its going through the window!” LOL.

    I just can’t seem to deal with using my fingers
    on the screen. We have a touch screen register
    at the pharmacy that is annoying as well. However
    the screen is huge so its a lot easier to use.

    A lot nicer out today, hardly any humidity, yay!!!! :frolic: