Here’s an Idea For Mother’s and Father’s Days

April 23, 2009


Holiday gift giving sometimes completely eludes me. I just never know what to get! Especially for parents– what can you get for them that they don’t have already?! I’ve tried to keep my eyes peeled for really unique, personalized stuff. Moms and Dads like those kinds of things, handcrafted things with that personal touch. 🙂

Batik_shoeOne such place to check out is the Batik store at Wow! Talk about unique! The website also has a link to a cool new batik blog where you can learn all about batik fabrics and the process of making these fine garments and linens.

Perhaps by now, you are wondering, “what the heck is batik?!” I was when I saw the site.

Batik is, technically, a textile art. It’s a wax-resist dyeing technique used on textile, but it also now refers to the exquisite traditional patterns associated with batik. And batik is GORGEOUS. I thought you Etsy lovers and handcrafters who read my blog would really like to see the site and check out the products. I even have a coupon code for you, where you can save 10% off all purchases– crafty.

These items make beautiful, beautiful gifts, especially for weddings and anniversaries. Or, you can just get them because you want to get them! I love this batik table set- it’s hand-painted, 100% cotton, and includes table linens for 6 plus the table runner. Isn’t it heavenly?

They also have clothes, shoes, handbags, bed covers, loads more! The batik articles are just breathtakingly beautiful. This is a great place to find that truly “something special” gift!



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