Hillsong United Coming to Boston!

February 15, 2011

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Every single time I hear this song, I want to jump around the house (and often do!). EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Hillsong United is coming to Boston, Massachusetts! Did you hear?! I saw the listing at Cheap Concert Tickets, where they have, duh, cheap concert tickets. Someday I am going to make it to a Hillsong concert. It would be INCREDIBLE. The tickets have a great discount from Cheap Concert Tickets. WOW!! It would be just so… so.. amazing. I thought going to a Delirious concert would be cool. Just imagine, giving God glory with thousands of people to such stellar music. WAY cooler than the Super Bowl, cannot even be compared.

Because I live in the Northeast, land of the Frozen Chosen, it’s always been difficult to get Christian music groups and speakers up here. So it’s always a *big deal* when people come. I used to work in Christian radio, so I know. I once begged Twila Paris to come up to my local city– and she did! She did a free concert! I’ll always remember how wonderful that was. And Carman came here, too, bless his heart. He also gave a concert for free.

I hope loads of folks make it to the Hillsong United gig. I wish I could!! Check out the site for more listings.

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2 Responses to “Hillsong United Coming to Boston!”

  1. The Other Alice Says:

    Ooo! That would be super.

  2. bingkee Says:

    Hahhaha…Frozen Chosen…anyway, I love Hillsong and we sing their songs in church. I would love to go since Boston is 2 1/2 hrs away from our place in CT. But I’m here in the Phils. and I’m going back to CT by March 16 and the concert is on March 11.