Holy Cow It’s Expensive to Insure a Car…

March 15, 2011


I got my new car!!!!

[insert birds chirping, flowers blooming, tubas tooting]

I’m KINDA happy, you know! 😀 I’ll have more about our car, and a photo so you can drool over it, later. Oh it is so good to have a vehicle that doesn’t squirt transmission fluid, that doesn’t sound like it’s launching from Cape Canaveral, that isn’t a rust bucket! Yay!

This is our newest vehicle in several years. We went over car insurance last night for it, and my eyeballs nearly popped outta my head with all the complicated policy terms and numbers. And then, there are the prices. My local insurance company wants me to pay WHAT for insurance?!?!

Ah yes, this is New York State! Everything is 10 times more expensive here. If I want the cheap car insurance in Tulsa prices, I guess I gotta go to Tulsa, huh? OR I can simply shop online around for insurance. It’s a little tough to meticulously hash through all the billions of insurance companies and policies out there… I checked out a very handy online tool at Cheap-AutoInsurance.com and they searched available insurance companies for my area. Looks like the cute little Gecko wins. 🙂 I like the Gecko.

All you have to do is enter your zip code, and the website will search insurance companies for you. Nice and easy. You then click on a company you like, and you are directed to the insurance company website, where you can get more information or get a quote. Very nice! It sure beats flipping through the yellow pages and making cold calls. Check it out if you’re looking for insurance, or you can use it to see what’s available for your local area.

I can’t WAIT to get all the paperwork done so I can drive my car! I feel like a free woman!


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One Response to “Holy Cow It’s Expensive to Insure a Car…”

  1. Rena Says:

    If you are ever interested in shopping around again for car insurance, I go through Smith Insurance in Remsen. Husband and wife own it and are wonderful people.

    Smith Insurance Connection

    (315) 831-3025

    9579 Main St, Remsen, NY