Holy Cow…

October 23, 2012

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I haven’t been this busy since…. well, I don’t think I have EVER been this busy. I have never been so crazy active that I haven’t had time to blog. Yikes! So I’m missing out on Lin’s mustaches and Karen’s Spunky video and Chuck’s tracks… šŸ™ I’ve read every single one of your posts, but it’s always a snatch here or there.

I do have good news… we have made more progress on the bookcases! YAY!!!!!!!!! :sherlock:

Bookcases progress 23

They need a lot more work. I ran out of wood and have to buy some more (and stain and poly and poly and poly *sigh*) to finish the trim work. These suckers have a lot of trim work, did you know that?! Also notice that I did put books on the shelves. I couldn’t wait any longer. I’ve had the stacks of books all over the floor for a month now. Enough is enough. Those books there constitute about 1/3 of all my collection. šŸ˜Æ

I also have TWO business trips coming up, and all this while I work full-time. Ugh. I am going to need a serious vacation after all this….



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4 Responses to “Holy Cow…”

  1. Karen Says:

    Oh my goodness! They look amazing!

  2. Chuck Says:

    Sacre moo! They are looking great. You friends understand busy . . . and priorities. One of these days you’ll find some time to depressurize. No, really–you will.

  3. lin Says:

    They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Do you hire out? šŸ™‚

  4. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Your bookshelves look great! Mine are all full!