Hot Diggety Dog Shampoo

July 14, 2009


UN-BEE-LEE-VABLE!!! I got a flea bite on my leg yesterday. I am HIGHLY allergic to fleas. I get these great big, bulbous hives on my skin, and the uncontrollable itching goes on for weeks. I HATE fleas– what evil, evil critters.

I think my flea allergy started years ago, back when I was in my early 20s. We were living in an apartment (me, my husband and my beloved cat, Ing); and the folks next door had a cat, too. I kept my cat inside only, but the neighbors allowed their cat to roam the mountain-sized weeds and grasses, bringing into the building all sorts of blood-sucking pests. Their apartment became so riddled with fleas that they bombed their apartment. Ugh, the stench was AWFUL. And guess what happened? All THEIR fleas left THEIR apartment and took up residence in OUR apartment!! I was bludgeoned by billions of the miniscule vampires, slurping up my type-O like there was no tomorrow. My immune system went into hyper-drive, and I’ve suffered ever since. Black flies do the same thing to me, now. It must be something about their saliva from their bites.

So when I got a flea bite yesterday, I kinda freaked. I’m very fussy about our pets (outdoor pets stay OUTDOORS and indoor pets stay INDOORS), although I’ve allowed Livvy to go outside on a leash (avoiding the tall grasses and other pets). I will not “bomb” the house– that toxic blast is horrid.I think it’s better to use diatomaceous earth by dusting the lawn with it and dusting pet bedding with it, and keeping the pets squeaky-clean with some specialty shampoo. So far, the best shampoo I’ve heard of is Dogosuds, from Dinovite. It’s a natural flea deterrent (hurray!) and also cures dogs of that “stinky” dog condition known as Normalus Stinkus Caninus. Ha!

Dinovite Dogosuds is all-natural dog shampoo with no perfumes or chemicals, it rinses easily, helps to prevent skin flakiness and excessive shedding, and luxuriously restores that “new dog” smell, mmm. And it also works to remove skunk smell, woo! Got a dog that stinks or is shedding? Might want to check out Dogosuds! The 8 oz. bottle is very affordable and comes in some nice scents. As for me, there is no way fleas are going to take over my home. I’m fighting back!


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One Response to “Hot Diggety Dog Shampoo”

  1. akaGaGa Says:

    I’m allergic to flea and black fly bites, too. The last black fly bite I got looked like somebody stuck a golf ball on my elbow. Eeeww!

    I don’t know what the stuff is you’re dusting the lawn with, but I almost did a similar thing a few years ago. We had moles tunneling all through our yard, leaving mounds of dirt everywhere, and I declared war. I bought a bag of some kind of powder to spread around, which they told me would kill the delicacies the moles were feasting on, so the moles would leave.

    When I got it home and read the fine print, though, I discovered it would kill all the creeping, crawling things in the dirt … including earth worms. Needless to say, I didn’t use it. The moles still own my lawn. Checkmate.