How Do You Prove Something Happened Long Ago?

March 16, 2010


How do you prove it? For example– how do we REALLY know that George Washington was our first president? What proof is there that this was an historic event? We no longer have eyewitnesses. George is long gone. How would you prove it?

Or how would you prove that Julius Caesar was a real person? Says who? How do you prove that ANYTHING outside of our own personal observation is true?


got any ideas?

  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Documentation
  • Corroborating evidence
  • Scientific evidence
  • Circumstantial Evidence

That’s just a tidbit of all the evidences that combine to form a truthful conclusion.

The Case for Christ

This is one great book. It’s by Lee Strobel. He’s a Yale Law School graduate, was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, and was an atheist. After his wife became a Christian, he set out to find the “scandal” about this goofy Christianity stuff. The evidence blew him away. He became a Christian; he couldn’t be honest to himself if he refused the truth any longer.

Did you know that there is more evidence for the resurrection of Jesus than there is for the existence of Julius Caesar? Did you know that there are 50 times more Greek manuscripts of the New Testament than there are Homer’s Iliad? Isn’t that amazing!? As a kid, I was always told how little evidence there was for the Bible and for the existence of Jesus Christ. They were WRONG. I’m not too happy that I was lied to. This evidence is not hidden in forgotten dusty tomes, either– I discovered that there are reams and reams of books written by multitudes of scholars from the past and present, testifying to the evidence.

I’ve read The Case For Christ. It’s GOOD. And I own the DVD, too, which is a very brief synopsis of the book. If you’ve been wondering about all this Christianity stuff, maybe you should check it out. The evidence is all there. Our entire Western civilization was built on the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I’d say it’s worth investigating! has the book here.

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2 Responses to “How Do You Prove Something Happened Long Ago?”

  1. Karen & Gerard Zemek Says:

    I went through this book with a class at our church. You did a good job about it here in this post. I thought the old transcript evidence was pretty compelling too, plus the eyewitness accounts.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Karen– really!? That is awesome!!! We saw the DVD at church, and then I got it, but I also had the advantage of having read the book before watching the movie. I love the book! I hope to read it at least once a year, as a refresher course.