How Do You Say MIND-BLOWING in Scottish?

August 15, 2012


Just discovered this band. The music makes my DNA dance, I tell ye.

The drummer is a show unto himself, no? :teddy:

My favorite song of theirs is “Alexander’s Welcome.”

I have never heard such amazing piping, ever. WOW.

3 Responses to “How Do You Say MIND-BLOWING in Scottish?”

  1. lin Says:

    I like the words. Hee! Hee!

    I wanna learn how to play the pipes. Seriously. Before I die. It’s something I want to do.

  2. Susi Says:

    Cool. I have a friend in Germany who plays bagpipes and a whole bunch of other cool instruments.

  3. Anna Says:

    Oh wow, what fun! I’ve always loved bagpipes but never saw a performance with the drums like that. Awesome.