How’s Your Sleep?

March 10, 2011


Hm, I read an interesting article by Reuters “Not Getting Enough Sleep? Turn Off the Technology.” It says that gadgets are hindering our ability to get good sleep. I thought about my own lifestyle. I have never been a good “sleeper.” The slightest noise or light wakes me up. I constantly toss and turn while I sleep. My mom has said that ever since I was a baby, I never slept a whole lot. My husband sometimes likes to listen to the radio or music to fall asleep, but that kind of stuff would drive me bananas. It’s like my mind is still going 100 mph even though my body is pooped. To hear a radio talk show or music just keeps the mind racing…

I’ve incorporated electronics into my lifestyle for about 11 years now, when we got our first *real* computer. (Before then, I had an old Mac that I used infrequently). And my two youngest kids have grown up surrounded by gadgets. I am not 100% comfortable with it, honestly. I still cling to the “old” lifestyle of books and writing with pencils, and *gasp* cassette players!

But, yeah, I probably go to bed much later than I used to, now… and I do use the laptop sometimes, right before I go to bed. I also use my iPhone as an e-book reader. I think these gadgets do keep me up later.

What do you think? Has the inception of more gadgets in your life altered your sleep patterns?


2 Responses to “How’s Your Sleep?”

  1. Sherree Says:

    I know that with the added technology in our home that everyone stays up later. WHen our first two daughters were small, we did not have tv and we read alot and listened to music more. Their vocabulary was so large and they were always active and outside. Now days, I can hardly get our other two daughters off the computer, phone or out from in front of the tv. I do find myself on the computer later at night, even though I still will read alittle before heading off to bed.

  2. lin Says:

    Yep, guilty. We all stay up wayyyy too late on those darn computers. Em texts the hours away and Col is on the video games. Ugh.