I Am Woman, Hear Me *Sigh*

January 28, 2009


Well hopefully no one noticed, but I just changed web hosts today, after spending more than a MONTH reading tutorials and about 24 hours of hair-tearing, sob-mopping agony.

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In the end, it all went through seamlessly. Thanks to the Bluehost tech support. They have really good tech support. If you want to consider them for hosting, let me know, because I have an affiliate link and I can earn some money for referring you. šŸ˜€

The online tutorials STINK, ya know that? I mean, do a search for “how to switch web hosts” and get a billion results. Few are coherent, fewer have images, and some of these article writers needs to realize that we average people don’t know what all those technical terms and words mean! UGH! The best tutorial I found is here, and he did a great job making it simple. However, I still had a problem because I didn’t create my database and user first, I transferred my existing domain over to create sub files that way. So I hit a snag when it came to changing the wp-config file.

Oh my gosh, I’m starting to speak like a geek! I’m sorry!!!

OK, well anyway… we’ll see how this blog does with Bluehost. When I first signed up with them for my other blogs, I had a lot of CPU Quota Exceeded errors. I mean, A LOT. I haven’t had any in a few months now. This blog gets a lot of traffic (20,000-30,000 a month if no one Stumbles me), and I’m a little nervous adding it to Bluehost. My previous web host, WizzerdWerks, was outstanding in performance, but it was too expensive ($50 for one year for my one domain) and they have no telephone tech support. If Bluehost bombs on me, I’m off to Hostgator. I’ve been seriously considering going to Hostgator for a while, but wanted to get closer to my yearly account expiration date with Bluehost before taking the leap. The realization that I will have to transfer SIX blogs to a new web host is extremely daunting, and I’ve been procrastinating.

Anyway, I’m here. It’s over. I survived and my blog did not self-destruct. Hear me *SIGH* with great relief.



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