I Can’t Believe It’s Sold Out!

October 23, 2009


Today was the day! Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Did you know what today was?!?!

Windows 7 was released, after much, much hype.

This constitutes the first time I have actually paid attention to the hype. I am a blossoming geek. I love software. I have computers running all the Windows versions, way back to 3.1. And I have an old Macintosh (1984), Linux Ubuntu, Linux Xandros, and Linux Easy Peasy. But my favorite operating system has been , so far, Vista. I love it. I can do without the pretty face– it’s the beefy functionality that I always liked, such as that terrific Search feature from the State menu, and the 3D flip thingy. I have a hard time going back to my XP computers, because I love that Start Menu search feature.

So I paid attention with the development of Windows 7. It’s supposed to be a smoother improved version of Vista. And it may be the first time I ever upgrade to a new version. (I have always done clean installs, previously). I guess I am just feeling adventuresome, haha!

Anyway, I was hoping to snag the Windows 7 Family Pack– but it’s SOLD OUT! Can you believe it?! It’s a real bargain–you can have Windows 7 on three computers for just $150, going by Buy.com prices. SO Sweet. But it’s sold out. 🙁 I guess I’ll have to wait. Buy.com does offer the other versions– you can see all the choices and prices and compare it all at the Buy.com Windows 7 page. Shipping is free, and the prices are actually very reasonable. Plus, there’s a nice sale page with loads of deals on other stuff, like nice computers or monitors or Mouses or cool keyboards with loads of buttons!! All to match the sparkly new operating system! Hee! Well… I already have a half dozen mouses (I wear them out like you wouldn’t believe!)… so maybe I can scratch the new mouse. Maybe.

So check out Buy.com for prices on electronics. And mouses. And actually, for everything! I love the place, they have everything! Except the Win7 Family Pack which is sold out, wah. Oh well, I await the restocking of the inventory…


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