I Got the iFace — Mask of Smart Phone!

August 3, 2012


I gave my daughter my nice Otterbox iPhone case because… well, because I am a generous, kind, loving soul.

Also because I spotted a dirt cheap case on eBay and I wanted to get it! :mrgreen: It’s called the “iFace Revolution” iPhone case and it’s a really, really nice case. It took THREE WEEKS to get here from Hong Kong, sheesh. But I paid pittance for it ($5 with free shipping) so I guess I can’t complain.

I usually don’t read the back of the packaging on technology stuff I buy, but I guess I was bored or something because I picked up the iFace box yesterday to scan over the stuff on the back.

I almost blew a gasket, I laughed so hard.

After reading this, I told my son to learn Chinese. Translators are no doubt in high demand over there. HAHA!

Just think– somewhere on the other side of the planet, a Chinese consumer is reading his packaging in Chinese translated from English and is probably rolling on the floor laughing because we can’t translate “chang” into 30 verb tenses… oh wait, I forgot…. The United States doesn’t manufacture anything anymore. Oh well, it was a funny thought.

Almost as funny as Dave Forney’s “Defend the Stem Burn” Asian coffee pot. LOL

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