I Hate Firefox NoScript

December 29, 2008


The past few weeks, I’ve noticed that my visitor count has been drastically low on my blogs. I don’t think it was due to the holidays- this began sometime around the first of the month. Also, it seems that I haven’t been receiving any traffic from Google searches, except for image searches.

I use StatCounter for monitoring my traffic. It tells me where people came from (for example, Google searches or a referring blog), if they looked at other pages on my site, and how long they stayed. It is rather important to me to monitor this activity, since I blog for pay, and I like to know the demographics of the people who read my blog.

But I think NoScript is blocking StatCounter. People use NoScript with Firefox to make pages load faster. But NoScript also blocks out important stuff like StatCounter (and Entrecard, unless you know how to allow it). I tried NoScript whenI used Firefox, and I hated it. It blocked EVERYTHING. No images, no nothing! It pretty much white-washed a blog. I happen to like the blog-reading experience– you know, the photos, the layout, the design, etc. NoScript wiped it all out. Using it to drop Entrecards was like like having a relationship without love and affection. :-p

So I quit NoScript, and I quit Firefox. I HATE Firefox. It won’t work on my wireless and I tried for months to fix it. And when I try to drop Entrecards using Firefox on my ethernet, I have to reload and reload the blogs, just to get the widgets to show up. No thanks. I went with Opera. It was hard getting used to Opera, but I forced myself, and now I LOVE it. It’s so fast. The only thing I miss about Firefox is the Auto Complete and the blocking of ads. But since Opera is so fast, the ads don’t slow things down, anyway.

So I quit NoScript and I quit Firefox, even though everyone else was using it. Fine, go ahead and use it, with your buggy Entrecard toolbar. I am enjoying a life free from that EC toolbar, let me tell you, lol! I have enough problems in my life without adding another, lol!

Back to NoScript– I’d heard that it had updated, and everyone was having problems getting stuff to show again(that’s what the EC forums seem to be about nowadays– problems with Firefox, NoScript, and the EC toolbar). But I think NoScript now blocks my StatCounter, which is javascript. šŸ™ So I am not getting a full view of my visitors, nor stats about my pages. Wah!

And also, none of the search engine referrals are showing up, either. So although I see that I have visitors coming from search engines, these visits are not showing up in my stats. WAH!!! šŸ™

I hate NoScript! If you are using it to make pages load faster and not get viruses, use Opera! šŸ˜€

7 Responses to “I Hate Firefox NoScript”

  1. Lynne Says:

    This is great to know! I just downloaded NoScript on my desktop, but haven’t even turned it on yet. I think I’m just going to unload it. I was afraid of exactly what you’re talking about. I too enjoy reading blogs. While I may drop EC and run, I pause long enough to see if there is something I want to read or see. Thanks for the info.

  2. Lynda Lehmann Says:

    Thanks for the information! Will avoid it at all costs!

  3. sandy Says:

    Wow, thanks so much for this post. I was just thinking about downloading Firefox tonight and you saved me! I am not going to download it now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. tahtimbo Says:

    I am currently NoScript (yes, I have statcounter enabled, so my visit will show up). I do have a question about Opera, is it really faster and safer than Firefox?? I am willing to try it and give-up the toolbar.
    Thank you for a great article:)

  5. chilly Says:

    Hi There!
    Firefox is the only browser I’ve used for a long time now. When I was dropping, I use the NoScripts together with FF and never no problems. But I did or do have statcounter enabled. But I haven’t been using NoScripts active because I haven’t been dropping. Anyway, you can set NoScripts to allow anything you want or block anything. I always enabled more everything needed to be seen on blogs like photos and all the text when I did use it. I tried and hated the EC toolbar so I unloaded it shortly after getting it.
    I did try opera once and didn’t like anything about it. And IE???? Well, you couldn’t pay me to use it. lol
    Have a great day and don’t forget to share your snow and send it my way and no one will get hurt. šŸ˜‰

    • Rebecca Says:

      Oh man Firefox cannot compare with Internet Explorer– FF is waaay better. But it is still slow, and doesn’t work for me on wireless, and I’ve been going crazy trying to fix it.

      After getting used to Opera, and forcing myself to adjust, I really just love it!

      Thanks for the tip on NoScript. I still hate it, though. LOL

      Snow on the way. I think !!!! LOL. I’ll send snow if you can send warmer temperatures, like maybe… 20 degrees? I’ll be happy to take 20!

  6. reason Says:

    You should still be able to track demographics via IP address. I don’t consider it a bad thing that scripts running from these tracking sites aren’t able to amalgamate my usage patterns.

    You could also track demographics the old fashioned way too – by doing a survey.