I Hate NY

May 6, 2008


The big news here in New York State is the lawsuit by Amazon against the state. YAY AMAZON! I am an Amazon affiliate. Well, I WON’T BE if New York wins this suit.

Amazon.com is fighting back with a lawsuit trying to strike down New York state’s new law forcing the online retailer to collect sales taxes on the state’s behalf.

The dispute, which is before a state court in Manhattan, is heading toward a constitutional showdown that will center on whether New York State is hindering interstate commerce by imposing on out-of-state companies, such as Amazon.com, the burden of serving as a tax collector for New York.

The so-called Amazon tax has been a touchy political issue as Albany has looked for novel ways to fund the state government’s soaring spending amid a predicted drop-off in state tax revenue as the economy slows. The state’s tax department first set its sights on Amazon.com last year when it quietly changed its policy to require some online retailers to begin collecting state and city sales taxes — a combined 8.375% on purchases in New York City — on all orders from residents of New York State.

You know, this is SO typically New York State. It’s not my fault, really. I NEVER vote for these guys, but they always win the elections! And what;’s weird is that ever since the beginning, even before the American Revolution, New York State has been like this. I mean, there are lots of court cases where NYS tried to, essentially, steal other people’s money and call it collecting taxes. It almost started a Civil War right after the American Revolution! Back then, NYS tried to “collect taxes” on produce going from New Jersey to Connecticut, just because shipping boats passed through New York City’s harbor. I mean, WOW! It’s still going on, after all these centuries! We’ve got people suffering in this state, from high taxation, high energy prices, low wages, and the threat of foreclosure! And still, NY taxes away and the politicians spend, spend, spend.

So that’s why I hate NY. We all keep hoping for the state to change, but ya know what? If they’ve been doing this again and again for centuries, it’s not going to change!

I hope Amazon wins.

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2 Responses to “I Hate NY”

  1. Rosemary Says:

    I lived in New York most of my life and now live in Florida. I have to say they are all the same. One way or another they’re going to get you.


  2. Cindii-Moomettesgram Says:

    Waiving ‘Hi’ & EC Dropping in from CT!

    It’s no different here.