I Have No Insurance…

March 10, 2011


… but I am STILL against Obamacare.

I can’t remember the time we ever had insurance from an employer… oh wait, I think I remember. For about a year, my husband got a family health plan for us from one employer who offered it. That was… hm maybe 19 years ago…

We’ve been on insurance offered from New York State, on and off, for a few years. They are rather wacky the way they tabulate it, though. If you’re self-employed, they go by LAST year’s income tax return. So if you had a good year last year but this year is terrible– sorry, no insurance for the entire year.

For employed folks, the state looks at monthly pay stub data. So if you had a great month and made more than is required– sorry, no insurance for the entire year.

And don’t even GET ME GOING about customer service!! (or the lack thereof). The missing paperwork, the dropped recertification files, the terrific lack of medical professionals who take state insurance, the low-quality care, etc etc…. If even the states can’t get their insurance quality straight, I tremble should the feds take over!

Anyway… the kids need new eyeglasses, and mine just about blow off my head when I see the retail prices. $200 for a PAIR of glasses?! For FOUR children and TWO adults?? :wazzat: and that doesn’t include the exam?!

Well, thank God there’s an alternative. Zenni Optical sells eyeglasses. Nice ones, too! They have been featured by various news shows, Clark Howard, and a very thorough review by Eric Hammer of Examiner.com. Eric’s review is very “eye opening,” hee hee. My husband actually bought glasses from Zenni several years back, and he’s still wearing them.

Zenni Optical has incredibly low prices. Some eyeglasses are $6! The ones I like are right around $20. That is a far cry from the $200 price tag at the retailer. I have heard really good things from Zenni, so it looks like we’ll be getting our glasses there. If you need some specs and don’t want to go bankrupt, check Zenni Optical. šŸ˜€

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2 Responses to “I Have No Insurance…”

  1. Carole Says:

    Do they have the Drew Carey style ones I know you love so much? HAHAHAHA! šŸ˜› The kind *I* wear? ;-D
    Actually, I should take a look – last year my eye doctor didn’t have a very good selection.

  2. Madeline Says:

    I just ordered a pair of glasses from them today! I’m curious as to how they will work out!