I Know, I Know! Enough Of the Cat Posts!

April 22, 2009


Maybe after this one.


I don’t know what it is— I have this SERIOUS case of cat-love-itis right now!! I saw this video of a hungry kitten found off the street in India. If this doesn’t break your heart into little bits, I don’t know what will! SO many street cats have sicknesses and suffer from starvation (and do cats get mesothelioma??), it makes me sad. But the kitten in this video is SO funny because he’s scampering all over the place, but sooo plaintive at the same time. He’s not inhibited about anything!


2 Responses to “I Know, I Know! Enough Of the Cat Posts!”

  1. Jodi Says:

    aw, that is so cute, thank you! I loved it.

  2. Natalie Says:

    My girls love cats and this hungry little one just broke them. irresistible!