I Love I Love Lucy

April 29, 2008

Culture, Fun

Something at the dinner table last night reminded us of a HEE-LAR-EE-US video of Lucille Ball. I can’t remember what that thing was that caused us to remember it anymore, lol. But the video is a clip from the I Love Lucy TV show, one of my favorite shows as a kid. I did so love I Love Lucy!!

The video we saw (on YouTube) was titled “Sour Grapes,” and it showed Lucy caught up in a winemaking skit in Italy. Unfortunately, the original video clip we saw at YouTube is gone now. All I could find was this copy someone did with their camcorder from a television. But an imperfect video of Lucy is better than no video! We loved watching it again. The video is in two parts. Be prepared to hold your sides together!


One Response to “I Love I Love Lucy”

  1. Saph -Walk with Me Says:

    I love I Love Lucy, too!!! I have a ton of her episodes on tape. I’ve gotten my 3 yr old watching it too!! My mom got me hooked on her when I was little and I’m passing on the tradition. =)
    Quoting Ethel, ” I know he’s an old goat, but having an old goat is better than no goat.” LOL