I Love Ray Comfort

April 22, 2010


and Kirk Cameron. These guys rock. LOL

You may remember Kirk Cameron from the TV show Growing Pains. I think I was *just* getting out of teenage TV when that show came on, so I guess Kirk Cameron is a wee bit younger than I. But I remember him. He became a Christian, and has been in movies like Left Behind, and the phenomenal Fireproof movie that we love. He teamed up with Ray Comfort a few years ago, to create The Way of the Master TV show. My kids got me interested in it.

But OMG these guys are hilarious! And Lord knows, they are zealous for God. I purchased a few of the DVDs from Ray’s online store at Living Waters. I spotted this certain DVD at the site– ROFL!!!!

DVD #39: Hollywood Be Thy Name

In the beginning Hollywood said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And there were cameras. And the spirit of Hollywood moved across the face of the earth. Hollywood created. It picked up unknowns from the soil of humanity and breathed into them the life of celebrity — a golden image, whose sole purpose was to bring in big money at the box office. But something went terribly wrong. In 1968 a serpent appeared in the garden. Movies became filled with blasphemy, adultery, and violence. The bright light that once was became a gross darkness, and Hollywood began to suffer the ultimate delusion of grandeur. Enthroning itself as God, it began to spout blasphemy against the heavens and became a law to itself. Hollywood answered to no one — not even God. So it believed.

OMG that is SO true!!! SO true!! Since I already know plenty about Hollywood (I went to drama school, remember?), I don’t want the DVD. I’ll only get like this –> :rants: …and the kids don’t need to know about Hollywood. But I did get their DVD Mission: Europe and– I am really really stoked about this– a book with the sermons of John Wesley!! Here’s a sneak peek of their Mission: Europe DVD:

See why I love them?


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