I Love Text Messaging

February 2, 2011


Now that I have a smartphone, I LOVE text messaging. Well, I always like text anything, but it was very laborious to do any texting with a Tracfone. :-p I am discovering the wonderful world of using text SMS messaging as a way to remind myself about appointments and to-do lists. And did you know that Amazon.com has an SMS text system, where they will send you a text when your package is out for delivery and/or has been delivered? How cool is that!

Web and app developers are utilizing SMS texts for their programs more every day. I know, because I am using them all the time. I have always wondered how this is done (I am actually considering programming my own apps for the iPhone). There’s a nifty provider that supplies SMS Gateway capability for web and software programmers. The gateway is inserted into web apps or custom consoles. Think of all the nifty things such a little program can do– alert users of school closings, weather updates, doctor’s appointment reminders, church events and more. I am starting to rely rather heavily on SMS reminders for a lot of the things I need to do, and so I look for apps that have them. It’s a wonderfully convenient feature for very little cost.

If you are a developer or programmer, you may want to peruse the website. There’s a live demo, FAQs, and examples of the type of things you can do with this. I think it’s very cool!

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2 Responses to “I Love Text Messaging”

  1. blueyes Says:

    wait wheres this option to send text msgs on amazon cuz i sure as heck can’t find the thing

  2. Rebecca Says:

    When you order something and it is being shipped, you may have the option to have an SMS text sent to you when the product is being delivered or has already been delivered. I don’t know if this SMS thing is for EVERY package… it showed up for my package via UPS. And I did get the text.

    If you go to your Order Summary and click on the “Track Package” button to see the info. There’s a small link that says something like “Receive a text message to your mobile phone.” I clicked it and entered my #, and got the text when the product was delivered.

    I hope that helps!