If Only Sandy Came 24 Hours Later…

October 29, 2012


As I live a scant few hundred miles from New York City, I have been monitoring Hurricane Sandy for a few days now. I probably wouldn’t be so interested but I was scheduled to go down to the city on a business trip Monday… and I was fully intending to go, hurricane or not. I was actually kind of excited — maybe I’d get great shots of the storm surge from my hotel, and my photos would be plastered all over the Internet! — but after the MTA shut down the entire public transit system last night, I canceled my plans. There was NO WAY I was going to walk around Manhattan streets in a hurricane.

There’s been a lot of hype about the hurricane, and we Northeasterners do tend do get a little cynical when weather prophets run around telling us the sky is falling. So I, like my fellow thick-blooded brethren, have been waiting to see IF this storm truly IS the “frankenstorm” that the cable TV networks are saying it is.

By golly, this may just be THE BIG ONE. :run:

Look at this storm track. When was the last time you ever saw a hurricane make a left-hand turn directly into the continent? Never, you said? Why, yes, you’d be right! This has never happened before!

What makes this storm different from all the rest? my kids asked. Here’s what I told them.

  • The hurricane is swinging a left turn. Unprecedented.
  • The hurricane is coming at the EXACT moment of high tides.
  • The hurricane is connecting with two other storms — a cold front that’s been chugging across the west for some time (you guys in Colorado saw snow last week from that) and a Nor’easter that’s been swirling up near Nova Scotia and has now flown south to visit us.
  • What this means is flooding and winds on a level that the East Coast has never seen before in recorded history. It even surpasses the 1938 Long Island Express (a storm I researched and wrote about on my travel blog).
  • After crashing into the highly populated Jersey Shore, the hurricane will make another totally weird move and turn right straight up into my neck of the woods, in Central Upstate.
  • Estimates say that 50 million people may suffer from severe flooding and power outages.
  • This hurricane currently has a barometric pressure of 946. That’s unprecedented and indicates this is a storm with tremendous energy. Combine this with the high tide and the other storms and the populated centers it’s hitting… I can see why the weathermen are so excited. And they’re saying the Great Lakes may see incredible surging, too. Yay.

We have suffered terrible flooding here before. My property has experienced 6 catastrophic floods since 2006, and 4 of them have destroyed my basement. But if we lose power from the hurricane winds, I shudder to think what would happen. We need power to keep our sump pumps running…. we have THREE of them chugging away during our “normal” bouts of flood weather if that tells you anything. When they are unplugged for even an hour, we get several inches of water in the basement on REGULAR days.

This is the third hurricane to slam into my area in the Northeast in 15 months. And before then, it’s been 100-year torrential rainstorms every year. Ugh.

So I’m skipping all the Monday memes and watching Twitter for updates and praying we keep power. The Monday memes are all about Halloween and I hate that day. I only wish Sandy had delayed a little to cancel Halloween….. bah humbug.

Stay safe!

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2 Responses to “If Only Sandy Came 24 Hours Later…”

  1. Megscole64 Says:

    Oh my goodness…You are in my prayers!!! Stay inside. Stay safe. :gloomy:

  2. Rena Says:

    I think its supposed to rain most of the week, so Halloween just may be cancelled, yay!!!